Friday, December 11, 2015

Bring new life into old things: a revolutionary mailbox

What helps us get information about the world?

The radio? Internet? The cellphone? Any answer is corret… But what had linked them before new all these tech booms? A mailbox!

Do you know many people who do not have a mailbox? No matter if it is an ordidary or an electronic one – its function remains the same regardless of its apperance and form. Before a family shared one mailbox, whereas today everyone can get more than one personal mailbox.

In contemporary world a life without a mailbox is scarcely possible. Every day newspapers, magazines, letters, postcards, bills are sent to a million of mail addresses… accompanied by print ads.

Advertisers seek to break into our personal space, even though nobody waits for them. You do not wait for them, either. You do not wait for pointless advertising leaflets, going downstairs with a cup of morning coffee, you do not wait for irritating spam, checking your email on your smartphone during a lunch break.

Which thought pops out in your mind when you see dozens of colorful flyers, stuffed into your milbox? When you see dozens of incoming messages, seven of which are special offers and discounts. Again? Enough is enough!”. You find these leaflets scattered on the floor. You block e-mail addresses, you move letters to junks... And you will never know that this nice shop near you is offering 50% off the good you’ve been looking for so long.

The other side of the coin…

 Imagine you did something handy, something tasty or nice. You spend your money on advertising so that people would hear about your product. In this case, would you like your efforts to be acknowledged or ignored? Maybe your friend/neighbor/relative also advertizes his or her small business, the only source of income? What do they do to be heard? What do they do to reach their target audience? How can advertizers, who by default are perceived as nasty spammers, attention stealers, break through all the negative things people do not like about advertising?

What should be done so that advertising leaflets would not lie under your feet?

All of us should have a special space, where advertisers would be seen and heard – they have this right. We, APM Agentuur, want to change the existing systems of the relationships between the customer and the business. We do our best to rehabilitate advertising. In all people's minds, advertising has to be categorized as useful, not vice versa. We provide everyone who joins us with the Own Advertising Board, where users see only the advertisements they are interested in. Besides, as users spend their personal time, the Own Advertising Board will pay for each ad seen on it.

We are not for entertainment, nor we are for making money – we are your new mailbox. A special mailbox for good ads. And we can guarantee that your attention will be rewarded.

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