Thursday, December 10, 2015

APM Agentuur CEO article on Roem

APM Agentuur CEO, Evgene Glebov 

Advertising is cool!

You’re reading these lines because I’ve paid for it… No, not you. I’ve paid the media you like to read. What for? I wanted to attract your attention to my startup, called APM Agentuur, which you can find on So, I, just like all the others do, paid somebody else to buy your attention from them.

I got a bit poorer, the media – a bit richer, and you will find out something new if your read.

Let me start with the question: Why the way advertising is delivered makes it bad?
I like what I eat for breakfast. I do like what I eat for dinner as well. I like my jacket and my shoes. I like waterparks, too! One fine day I found out about these nice products, goods and services, offered to me by nice people. Advertising helped me! Probably, your story is the same. So the conclusion we can draw is that advertising is cool, it helps us discover the things we didn’t know about.

But what isn’t cool is how, where and when it shows up. It gets annoying, drives you crazy, gets on your nerves, terrorizes, rapes your brain. It is intrusive, dull, shameless, inappropriate and brassy, too. I’m sure you can add some more.

Ladies and Gentlemen! The way advertising is delivered really sucks. And we call it a business model and a monetization strategy.

I visit my Facebook page – I get “monetized”.

Check my Gmail – I get “monetized” there too. I am monetized everywhere and by everyone.

They shake me, as if I was a big wallet, and monetize, monetize, monetize…

And you? Do you hear coins jingle?

It’s high time we change the rules. Change the attitude towards advertising. Change its place. Change the monetization strategy.

Let advertisers pay to the receivers of their ads… Directly

This is the key idea of my stratup.

You will get the APM Board, provided by my agency, for free.

All the advertisements that are shown on your board will pay you for your attention. You’ll see only the ads that meet the criteria you set. You’ll get 90% of the profit, we’ll take only 10%.

Your board is an anonymous place. Advertisers do not know what your name is, where you precisely live. They know only the fact that there is somebody like you and operate the data you provided in your profile. It make advertising completely targeted and catered for every single individual. 

Why have I created APM Agentuur? I believe that the existing model of the advertising and user interaction is comparable to walking on hands. Let’s stand up on our feet! Get your free APM Board and your attention will be rewarded.

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