Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Successful advertising campaign of the restaurantIl Mulino

Successful advertising campaign of  the restaurant Il Mulino

Advertiser: restaurant Il Mulino, Gediminas av., Vilnius
Goal: attract more customers during the lunchtime
Target audience:  dwellers of Vilnius who like European cuisine
Place of advertising: Own Advertising Board APMboard

Banner: 287x90
Function: Flyer (lunch menu)

Budget: 45,84
One banner display cost: 0,01
Click cost: 0,02
Audience achieved: 1854
Unique views (of the flyer): 1365
CTR: 74%
The offer was used by (the number of people): 37

The conversion price - 1,24 - is quite high because the audience was quite large. The target audience included people who live in Vilnius and prefer European cuisine. The goal of the campaign was to tell people about the new restaurant. 

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